Termomec: A line of cutting edge Thermo Sealers.

High quality machines with innovative technological contents, the Termomec machines are different thanks to the special features, the flexibility, security and high productivity.

The Silvy Line.

The line of thermo sealers Silvy is designed for the automatic packaging of preformed trays and with compatible closing film.

The machine Silvy is available in two different models. The complete version allows the realization of trays in 4 different technologies: only sealing, ATM, vacuum or skin. The simplified version, Silvy N, is ideal if you only need to seal.

The Silvy models are all characterized by flexibility, security and guarantee a very high level of productivity.

Infinite posibilities. The Silvy line guarantees the best quality.

Only high flexibility, security and productivity.


Security guaranteed thanks to appropriate control logics, the full coverage of the machine and opening doors equipped with microswitch.


The machine is particularly flexible thanks to the possibility to pack every kind of tray. The materials of use can be completely different: PET, PE, PP, PS.

High productivity

The productivity of the machine is very high thanks to sealing time up to 10 cycles/min. variable based on the product, the film and the tray dimensions.

4 advantages. To guarantee the best quality and a vanguard machine.

New technological content make the Silvy line a complex and flexible machine.

Completely mechanical

The movements of the machine are completely mechanical: elimination of the pneumatic system and of the compressor.

Touch panel screen

An innovative multilingual control panel with touch screen and the capacity to store up to 9 sealing programs.

Constant speed system

The plastic film is being unwinded and not pulled with an innovative and very efficient constant speed system.

2 circuits

2 circuits for the sealing plate: the redundancy of the resistances allows the substitution in case of failure without stopping the machine.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Reduced dimensions

  • Storage of 9 sealing programs

  • Electronic cycles counter

  • Sealing cycle automatically activated when mold is completely inserted

  • The plastic film of the main reel is being unwinded and not pulled with constant speed: an encoder notes the unwinding step

  • Integrated reel support

  • PLC control panel

  • Multilingual display

  • Powered exit roller group: the trays are moved automatically to the exit

  • Control panel touch with micro-USB communication interface that allows the setting of: sealing temperature, sealing time, film unwinding time, selection of sealing type

  • Simple to insert the plastic film

  • Sealing plate in teflon-coated aluminum

  • Sealing cycle automatically activated

  • Machine constructed in stainless steel AISI 304 and anodized aluminum

  • The standard molds for the containment of the trays are realized with 1 or 2 imprints allowing up to 2 tracks: a third track is available as an optional

Who we are. Termomec is part of BR1 Group.

Since 2004 Termomec has been part of the group BR1, producer of machine tools and leader in the sector of mechanical processing.

BR1 Group. True passion for machine construction.

Founded only 15 years ago as a company made of two persons, today the group counts more than 50 employees and 40 work centers joining under the same roof different brands and businesses. Following a policy of diversification, BR1 today incorporates the historical Italian companies Cabe, Nesi, Manaca and Termomec. Highly specialized know-how and years of experience in different sectors are united in one group with specific know-how in every field of application.

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